Masimo 2697 Rainbow DCI-P

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Rainbow DCI-P

Adult/Pediatric Reusable Sensor, 3 ft.
(SpCO, SpMet, SpO2)

Weight 10 kg - 50 kg
Not made with natural rubber latex
Requires rainbow RC Patient Cable

The Masimo 2697 Rainbow DCI-P is a SpO2, SpMet, and SpCO sensor that is ideal for first responders, EMS, paramedics, ambulance personnel, and firefighters. With its adjustable hinge, it can be easily adjusted to various finger sizes for short-term or "spot check" monitoring. This sensor is recommended for use on patients weighing between 10kg - 50kg and should be repositioned every four hours.

Featuring Masimo rainbow SET™ Technology and SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ Pulse Oximetry, this sensor provides clinicians with a noninvasive way to monitor carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO®), methemoglobin (SpMet®).

With Masimo rainbow® Pulse CO-Oximetry sensors connected to rainbow®-enabled devices, first responders, EMS, paramedics, ambulance personnel, and firefighters can confidently monitor a patient's vital signs, knowing that they are using a high-quality, reliable, and durable sensor. This sensor is also compatible with a range of rainbow® patient cables, facilitating rainbow® sensor use with Masimo pulse oximeters, Pulse CO-Oximeters®, and OEM equipment for a variety of solutions.

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