Masimo 4054 RD Set YI

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Directions for Use, RD SET™ Y-I SpO2 Multisite Reusable Sensor and Single Use Attachment Wraps   The RD SET YI sensor is applied to the sensor site using Masimo® attachment wraps. The attachment wraps are for singlepatient use only. The RD SET YI is for use only with devices containing Masimo SET® oximetry or licensed to use RD SET YI sensors. The Masimo Attachment Wraps are for use only with the RD SET YI Reusable Multisite Sensors. Consult individual instrument manufacturer for compatibility of particular instrument and sensor models. Each instrument manufacturer is responsible for determining whether its instruments are compatible with each sensor model. The YI series has been verified using Masimo SET Oximetry Technology. The sensor must be removed and the site inspected at least every four (4) hours or sooner, and, if indicated by circulatory condition or skin integrity, reapplied to a different monitoring site.

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