Masimo 9513 SedLine Kit

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SedLine Kit For use with Root and RD SedLine Sensors. Includes: • 1 SedLine MOC-9 Module • 1 RD SedLine Patient Cable



SedLine Module The SedLine Module computes and calculates PSi and additional parameters using the EEG signals acquired from the SedLine Sensor. The module connects Root to the SedLine Patient Cable and receives its power from Root. SedLine Patient Cable The SedLine Patient Cable transfers analog EEG signals collected from the SedLine Sensor to the SedLine Module for processing. The patient cable is reusable and may be used from patient to patient.



edLine brain function monitoring for Root provides four simultaneous EEG channels to enable continuous assessment of both sides of the brain. The Patient State Index provides information about a patient’s response to anesthesia. Instantly interpretable, high-visibility display of Masimo’s breakthrough rainbow and SET measurements is made possible by Masimo’s Radical-7 handheld monitor.

For use with Root and SedLine Sensors.

Specification :-
EEG and Anesthesia
Quantitative EEG (QEEG) Measures of Brain Activity in Response to Anesthesia


  • As the brain falls asleep, EEG activity declines according to a specific, invariant pattern1


  • Drop in activity begins in the frontal lobes and moves toward the back of the brain

Shifts in EEG Power at Induction and Loss of Consciousness (LOC)

  • When waking up, EEG activity increases across the brain in exactly the opposite sequence observed when falling asleep


  • These activity patterns have been shown to be invariant across a range of patient types and sedative/anesthetic agents2


  • Propofol


  • Inhalation gas - Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desflurane


  • Nitrous/narcotic

Includes :-
1 ISA CO2 MOC-9 Module, and 1 Patient Cable  

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